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Why the silence, say something

When a man see a woman that attracts him, he behaves in a very peculiar way that without mentioning a single word he says it all, with his gestures and other body language tools. His body tells on him while he doesn’t dare say much.

Cheap bus ride without planning it

Today as every friday I went out to record the broadcasting for the radio program I work with the priest Sahabel. I got out home on time today and arrived there first then him and Rosario, who also participates in the program and does a great job since her voice really suits radio standards

There is no ritual before sleeping

I normally go to bed late every day. When everybody has gone apart to their respective chambers, I turn on the t.v which has been working before for more than 3 continued hours without interruptions, and seek some program I can be distracted for before heading to bed. Sometimes I don’t find anything interesting therefore I spend more time

It’s different friday

These last two days have been really stressing but today I finally had a peacefull morning. Like every friday I went to the radio station to record the new edition of the program I host with the father Sahabel. If I never mentioned this before well now I do, I am a presenter in a half-an-hour-radio program called Cristianismo y Cultura (Christianism and culture). My voice isn’t that harmonious neither cute nor anything like that at all but I do it with all my heart an

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