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We all have an addiction

Among all the things that make me be “me” there is a particular one and that I simply can’t help; that is why I call it addiction, but it is a good one (there is no good addiction), I don’t hurt anybody nor even myself.

I talk to myself. Am I crazy?

It’s something natural in me but totally private. It happens almost everyday and it can be any hour, it doesn’t have a schedule. It’s not something I plan, it simply happens and I can’t help it, I like it. The place to gathering me and myself is my room, the only possible place for the almost null implications it brings, for example that I already flipped my lid and it’s time to visit a psychiatrist.

Newsletter II

The universe definitely conspires to drive sadness away from me. Yesterday night I was not feeling exactly happy, it was one of those days when at the end I look at the reality of my life and realize how much I lack to get to the top. However, when I turned on my laptop and got into my facebook fan page I found news that made me smile.

The pursuit, the walking

As I partially mentioned in the previous post, yesterday I did a monumental walking for an hour and a half from 5 to 6:30 in the afternoon, from a super market to another searching for a first need item that needed some replacement. I decided to walk to everywhere as the distance among the places was not that long, but after combining both paths plus the returning home way it looked eternal for me. I have no idea how many calories I could have burnt but for sure they were a lot.

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