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Bringing back gym times

I haven’t been to the gym for more than four months now and that shows here, since I haven’t written anything about it here. It was hard for me even to mention it before since I couldn’t get used to the idea of not going there anymore for the lack of money, but now I can say I got over it. It’s so useless

The return

Finally…I have came back home. I was away from the virtual world for almost a month because either the computer is damaged or I have no internet, one of two, or both combined, or the first one, or the second one, anyway, a bunch of obstacles that unable me to blog but now I am here and here I shall stay, I have returned to my baby blog.

The written word attracts one’s mind

It’s so easy to get distracted by something and forget what one was going to do. I was supposed to start writting 2 hours ago, instead I started seeing some flash videos a friend of mine ripped a couple of years ago in this computer, and I don’t know why I remembered them out of nothing, and of course, I gave them a try. I got so into them that I couldn’t disconnect from them and just now I started writting.


I was a bit absent from the online world because I had a little mishap with the computer. The keyboard died and I had no solution at hand to solve the problem but right now there is nothing to worry about since I have another one, no new of something but it works and that’s what matters.

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